Dennis WU

Dennis Wu

Dennis Wu is a specialist for classical music in Hong Kong with vastly diverse activities and outputs: writer, critic, copywriter, editor, producer, curator, programme host, composer, arranger and more. His rich experience in the industry makes him a sought-after writer and speaker of eminent institutes on classical music.

Dennis Wu (b. 1978) completed his undergraduate study of music in The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2000, and further obtained a master’s degree in music composition in 2002. His composition repertoire includes a number of chamber music, choral music, vocal music and arrangements for various ensembles. His four-movement choral suite Below the Kau To Shan was premiered by the The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chorus and is repeatedly performed in Hong Kong. His music is currently published by Apple Tree Music Publishing.

畢業於香港中文大學,2000 年取得學士學位,主修音樂,並於 2002 年專修作曲,獲頒音樂碩士。他的作品以室樂、合唱及聲樂創作為主,其中四樂章合唱組曲《九肚山下》由香港中文大學合唱團首演,並曾多次在香港演出。他的音樂現由蘋果樹音樂出版。

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