Winds Crescenti 《漸快的涼風》


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Composer: 陳錦標 Joshua CHAN
Work Title: Winds Crescenti 《漸快的涼風》 (Chinese orchestra)
Instrumentation: Chinese Orchestra
Year Composed: 2006
Year of Premiere: 2007.04.02
Premiere Country: Singapore
Premiere Information: 55 secondary school Chinese orchestras
Duration: 4′
Remarks: Commissioned for the Singapore Ministry of Education

Programme Notes

The foreign title Winds Crescenti is a mixture of English & Italian words meaning the winds gradually getting stronger and stronger. The music is about the enjoyment of living peacefully with the nature. We may imagine being in a sunny, windy day by the seashore where the view and winds give us great inspiration. The final climax of the piece is expected to be spiritually uplifting, having high hope for the future. Winds Crescenti was commissioned by the Singapore Ministry of Education as a set piece for Chinese orchestras of all secondary schools participating in the Singapore Youth Festival 2007.