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Composer: 伍卓賢 NG Cheuk-yin
Work Title: White (solo Chinese percussion and orchestra)
Solo Instruments: Chinese percussion
Instrumentation: 2(pic)222/4231/timp.2perc/hp.pf/str
Year Composed: 2004
Year of Premiere: 2004.04.29
Premiere Country: Hong Kong

Programme Notes

Commissioned by Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2004 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund. “Whiteness possesses a special quality. It feels and looks pure, romantic and naïve… but at the same time, it hints at some possible repression. Behind that stillness and harmony, there may be an abyss of danger waiting to explode.Chinese percussion instruments play a main role in this work: with the dark and grandiose dagu (Big drums); the colourful and spirited paigu (a set of Chinese drums); the small but “bossy” bangu (a small and flat Chinese drum, used in Chinese opera) and other smaller percussions. The accompanying orchestra (of western instruments) sometimes becomes Chinese wind and percussion instruments, as they exchange ideas with the solo percussionist. Together, they raise the work to reach its climax.Special thanks to soloist Chau Chin-tung who has given invaluable comment on the Chinese percussion arrangements.” Ng Cheuk-yin. Commissioned and premiered by Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2004, White was subsequently performed in France the same year, “the Year of China in France”, at Saint-Riquier Festival and Les Flaneries Musicales d’Ete de Remis, and again in Hong Kong in 2007 and 2010.

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