Verdigris Bell 《鏽綠的洪鐘》


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Composer: 陳錦標 Joshua CHAN
Work Title: Verdigris Bell 《鏽綠的洪鐘》
Year Composed: 2006
Year of Premiere: 2007
Premiere Country: Singapore
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

Verdigris, a greenish-blue substance which forms a thin covering on articles of copper, may be regarded as a symbol of old age or long history. This piece is inspired by the Chinese poem “Stilled Bell” written by Yuan Kejia in 1946. The poet describes himself as a great verdigris’d ancient temple bell which has being bearing the brunt of the wild winds from all sides and listening to the rain rushing past the windows in the last 3,000 years. The music tries to echo what this bell may have seen, while representing some bell-like sounds made up of different harmonics at various passages. The Great Verdigris Bell was commissioned by the Singapore Ministry of Education as a set piece for Chinese orchestras of all junior colleges participating in the Singapore Youth Festival 2007.