Utterance to Firmament《細語穹蒼》


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Composer: 陳浩貽 CHAN Ho-yi David
Work Title: Utterance to Firmament《細語穹蒼》
Instrumentation: for Flute and Clarinet
Duration: 5′

Utterance to Firmament

In the course of life, many things would just come and go like rain, hitting the ground and that is it. This kind of helplessness and botheration, many times, could only be contained in the innermost of hearts. “Whispering of Heart”, abandoned the construction of vertical harmonies, focusing on the linear development of lines. Employing the basic ingredients, the piece unfolds through the use of various rhythms, articulations and intervals. The imitations between the flute and clarinet breathe the innermost emotion to the sky of eminence with sincerity. All this seems just like a minute, diminutive whisper, under the same vast, unbounded firmament.