Two Javanese Gamelan Transcriptions (arr. for piano duet)


Also available for piano solo.

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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Two Javanese Gamelan Transcriptions (arr. for piano duet)
Original Composer: (traditional pieces)
Instrumentation: 1) piano solo 2) piano duet 3) sheng, yangqin and glockenspiel, piano
Year Composed: 2005
Year of Premiere: 2005.03.14
Premiere Information: Alfred Wong (piano primo), Li Cheong (piano secondo)
Duration: 5′

Programme Notes

Gamelan is a percussion ensemble commonly found in Indonesia, originally used in royal court dances and processions. The Gamelan music from central Java is particularly delicate. The main components of Gamelan include bronze gongs of different sizes, slab instruments and two-sided drums. Some of the gongs are vertically hanged while others are rested horizontally. The two pieces transcribed share the same structure but contain different melodies. A solo introduction is marked off by a large gong, which introduces other instruments and thus the main body of the music.