The Tiny Shan Pui River 《小小山貝河》


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Composer: 陳錦標 Joshua CHAN
Work Title: The Tiny Shan Pui River《小小山貝河》
Year Composed: 2006
Year of Premiere: 2007.10.13
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

香港雖有美妙的海港及沙灘,但沒有像泰唔士河或萊茵河的大河流穿插在市區中間。年幼時父親帶我沿窩打老道步行往廣播道看電視明星,那是我第一次看到長長的大水坑(當時的窩打老道中線不是行車線)。我相信荃灣大河道的前身也並不是行車路及天橋。 第一次接觸元朗的山貝河是年幼時一次乘坐青山至元朗公共小巴的旅程,沒想到多年後那裡是一間馳名水果甜品店的所在地,更沒想到2003年小鱷魚貝貝在山貝河下游的出現及市民的關注成了國際新聞。我很喜歡水,希望藉著《小小山貝河》表達對流水及大自然的嚮往。這首五分鐘的作品既是短小山貝河的縮影及其附近環境的寫照,也有往日小鱷魚貝貝聰明靈巧的身影。

In Hong Kong, we may have the most beautiful harbour and beaches, but we do not have a river cutting across the city, like the Thames or the Rhine. When I was young, my father and I would walk from Waterloo Road to Broadcast Drive to catch a glimpse of the TV personalities. That was how I saw, for the first time, the long gulley – the middle lane on Waterloo Road was closed to traffic at that time. ‘Tai Ho Road’ (meaning ‘Big River Road’ in Chinese) in Tsuen Wan must have been a waterway rather than a road for traffic with elevated walkways. The first time I saw Shan Pui River in Yuen Long was when I took a public light bus from Castle Peak to Yuen Long. Who could have imagined that many years later, it was to become a local landmark for a shop selling fresh fruit dessert! And further still, no one could have known that it was going to make international news headlines with the antics of a little crocodile in 2003. I have an affinity for water, and I hope that with this work, I can describe my yearning to be near rivers or be a part of Nature. The music is only five minutes long, and I hope it captures the gist of my subject matter – the tiny river, the nearby surroundings, and perhaps the agile form of the smart little croc, Pui Pui.
This work was commissioned by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in 2006, with a sponsorship from the CASH Music Fund.