The Seventh Month《七月》set of parts (ver2)


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Composer: 伍卓賢 NG Cheuk-yin
Work Title: 七月

Sheng and Chinese orchestra 

Year Composed: 2012 (1st & 2nd movement) / 2016 (3rd movement)
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration:  15

Programme Notes

笙與樂隊 《七月》
十多年前寫了一首笙協奏曲《七月》, 但一直沒有演出過。後來藉著2012 年香港中樂團《樂 旅中國》的契機, 我把這首作品重寫了, 只保留了舊樂曲的主題。因為這些年自己對大型民樂合 奏的想法不斷改變, 舊的寫法不合時宜, 只有重寫。 相比其他中國樂器的協奏曲, 笙的協奏曲真的很少。可能笙這件樂器真的難寫, 以致作品不多。 我創作這首作品時, 先是思考不要寫什麼, 之後才想我要寫什麼。 最後結合了中國和西方的一些音樂概念, 運用了最少的元素發展寫成了這首協奏曲。 七月是指農曆七月的鬼節。樂曲寫的是在中國人想法中人鬼兩個世界的並存。但由於我不熟識 靈界的事情, 所以寫的主要是人界的心境。

Sheng and Chinese Orchestra The Seventh Month About ten years ago, I wrote a sheng concerto entitled The Seventh Month but this work was not performed. So in 2012 I took Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra’s ‘Music About China’ concert as an opportunity to put this work on stage. As the work was not performed before and I have got some new ideas and concepts about writing music for Chinese Orchestra after I wrote this piece. So I actually rewrite this work but just kept the original themes. The number of sheng concertos definitely pales by comparison to other instruments. The reason may be that sheng is a rather challenging instrument for composers. When I was rewriting this piece, the first thing I have to figure out was “what not to write”, rather than what “I want to write”. In the end, I combined some musical ideas from both Chinese and Western music, and used minimal elements to develop the piece. The Seventh Month on the Lunar Calendar is traditionally considered by the Chinese as a time when the spirits come up from the netherworld and roam the earth, because thye Ghost Festival takes place on the 14th day of the seventh lunar month. The co-existence of the living and the dead inspired me to write this piece. Rather than describing the world of phantoms, which I know nothing about, I prefer to express the world of human psyche in this piece.

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