The Ghost《鬼魂》


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: The Ghost《鬼魂》 (erhu and piano)
Original Composer:
Instrumentation: erhu and piano
Year Composed: 1999
Year of Premiere: 1999.06.13
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

Ghost is written for erhu and piano in May 1999. The music starts with a recitative for erhu, a horrible atmosphere is created. After an improvised transition, a brief story-telling aria follows. Then the fragments in the first section reappears as if the reminiscence of the Ghosty atmosphere.

《鬼魂》是一首用現代手法寫成的二胡與鋼琴曲,寫於一九九九年五月。樂曲開始是一段二胡的宣敘調( recitative),形造一種恐怖的氣氛。經過一段即興式的過渡後,簡短詠嘆調(aria)猶如細說故事。最後第一部分的片段重現,陰森恐怖的氣氛又再次呈現。