Summer Day 《夏日》


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Composer: 陳永華 CHAN Wing-wah
Work Title: Summer Day (for oboe, viola and cello)
Subtitle: 《夏日》
Instrumentation: oboe, viola and cello
Year Composed: 2000

Programme Notes

Summer Day for oboe, viola & cello is dedicated to a very talented young friend Ray Cheung who had produced over one hundred interesting paintings from the age of five to thirteen when a brain cancer stopped him from further activity. Ray had shown remarkable tolerance and optimism during his two years’ of numerour operations and different kinds of chemotherapy and radio surgery. He always brought hope to those around him. Summer Day is his most favorite painting that he painted at the age of eleven. Ray did not live to see the summer of year 2000, he passed away that spring at the age of fourteen. Make-a-wish Foundation published a selected collection of Ray’s paintings a week before he left. In the preface, Ray gave his final remark: “I wish that you will all continue to live happily and courageously!”

Ray is the most courageous person this composer has ever met!