Shudaonan 《蜀道難》


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Composer: 許家臻 Ernest HUI
Work Title: Shudaonan 《蜀道難》(for SATB chorus and percussions)
Subtitle: for mixed chorus and 3 percussionists
Text / Lyrics: Cantonese
Instrumentation: Chorus: SATB chorus, Male reciter. Female solo
Instrumentation: Vibraphone (and Suspended Cymbal), Marimba (and Wood Blocks), Chinese Drum
Year Composed: 2009
Year of Premiere: 2011.1.8
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Christopher Cheng (Vibraphone), Raymond Vong (Marimba), Li Wai Mei (Chinese Drum), Hong Kong Melody Makers / Felix Yeung for “Inspired Sound” composition concert
Duration: 9′

Programme Notes

蜀道難 Shudaonan (“The Steep Road to Shuh”), is a travel through time and space to the distant mountainous Shuh region in ancient China. Cantonese is chosen instead of Mandarin for the dialect’s musical characters, and also for its verbal pungency and musical articulations. A percussion ensemble led by the Chinese drum is integrated into the choral texture, providing timbral contrast and rhythmic interest. Non-traditional singing techniques are introduced in the choir, which creates percussive effects to juxtapose with the percussion parts. The text is based on a poem of the same title written by Tang poet Li Bai 李白 (701 – 762). Aptly enough, the composer has never been to the Steep Road to Shuh, much like Li Bai when he wrote this poem to a friend.