Reality《現實》4-part a cappella male chorus, T.T.B.B.


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Composer: 陳浩貽 CHAN Ho-yi David
Work Title: Reality《現實》
From the choral suite, Grieving Burial of Flowers
Text / Lyrics: 主要取擷自《紅樓夢》mainly adapted from “The Dream of Red Chamber”
Year Composed: 2015
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 4′ 20″


In the course of life, many things would just come and go like rain, hitting the ground and that is it. This kind of helplessness and botheration, many times, could only be contained in the innermost of hearts. Consumed and languished in loneliness, only leads to the grieving burial of flower. With reference to the poem, the Song of the Burial of Flowers by Dai-yu Lin in the Dream of Red Chamber, lamenting the exact emotions, Reality from the choral suite, “Grieving Burial of Flowers breathes out the air of hopelessness and sings every regret of life. The composer wrote this piece with the dedication of his best friend. His unconditional support through times of difficulties makes the composer, in life full of regrets, still find sparks of true comfort.

The piece is commissioned by Yat Po Singers for the International A Cappella Composition Festival and it was premièred by Yat Po Singers on 18th July, 2015, at Y-Studio, Youth Square in Hong Kong.


人生中,有不少的事情,會如雨一閃,從此沒有下文。這份無奈和煩惱,很多時候只能蘊藏心內,斯人獨憔悴,落得獨自葬花的下場。《現實》選自合唱組曲《葬花 · 遺憾》就是以這種情懷,主要根據《紅樓夢》中林黛玉為反思人生而吟誦的《葬花詞》,道盡人生遺憾。為了一生最好的朋友,作曲家寫了這首作品。他一直願意毫無代價守護,陪伴作曲家走過艱難的歲月,令充滿遺憾的人生,仍有着最真誠的安慰。