Prelude 3.3.4《三.三.四》引


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Prelude 3.3.4《三.三.四》引 (chamber Chinese orchestra)
Solo Instruments: 5
Year Composed: 2004
Year of Premiere: 2005.01.16
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Windpipe Ensemble / Wai Sing-fat
Duration: 8′

Programme Notes

“3-3-4” denotes a rhythmic pattern of “3+3+4”, which gives inspiration to the present composition entitled Prelude “3.3.4” as this rhythmic pattern is highlighted at the opening of the piece. It has a forthright theme and clearly marked rhythms. The minimalistic change of materials and interweaving of different musical elements suggest the composer’s perception of Hong Kong in recent years. Premièred in 2005, the work was commissioned by the Windpipe Chinese Ensemble, with sponsorship from the CASH Music Fund, and it was premièred in Taiwan in 2007 and Malaysia in 2010.