Over Ten Thousand Mountain《逾萬山》


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Composer: 陳永華 CHAN Wing-wah
Work Title: Over Ten Thousand Mountain《逾萬山》(for Dizi, Sheng, Erhu, Zheng)
Solo Instruments: Dizi, Sheng, Erhu, Zheng
Year Composed: 2002
Duration: 8’30

Programme Notes

Scholars and sages in east and west all described the overcome of difficulties in life as mountain climbing. Different nations may be physically separated by a thousand mountains. To overcome the wide gap both geographically and spiritually, they must overcome gap inside their mind.

The composer wrote this piece for the Chinese Music Virtuosi – a group of young and talented Chinese instrumentalists based in Hong Kong. They went to Bueno Aires, Argentina in the summer of 2002 to give this concert there. Their performance was immediately released in compact discs and received high acclaim there. Concert of Chinese instrumental music is rarely heard in Argentina. This cultural exchange is a good way to make friends. The Chinese Music Virtuosi Literally flew over a thousand mountains and opened up the heart of the Argentinean people.

The music begins with the zheng ostinato representing the slow pace of walking at the beginning. At the middle way of the mountains, we see the green shades of the mountains near and far. It is joined by the di and sheng. At the top of the mountain one sees the various mountains competing to become the wonder of nature. “Thousand mountains Competing” is the title of a Chinese water colour painting made by Prof. Jao Chung I dedicating to the opening of Esther Lee Building at Chung Chi College, CUHK. The composer was very much inspired by it and used this scenery to complete the music.

If human beings are to co-exist peacefully, they must learn how to understand and appreciate each other. In spite of the separation a thousand mountains, we can always get through.