Night Poem II《夜詩II》


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Night Poem II《夜詩II》(cello and Chinese ensemble)
Solo Instruments: cello
Instrumentation: dizi, sheng, pipa and zheng
Year Composed: 2002
Year of Premiere: 2002.04.03
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Andy Yu (cello), CUHK Music Department Chinese Ensemble / Alfred Wong
Duration: 8.5′

Programme Notes

Night Poem II is a piece for cello, dizi, sheng, pipa and zheng written in January to March 2002. It is inspired by the calm state of mind of literati playing Guqin. The dialogues between cello and different Chinese instruments start the rubato section of the piece, and the ending of the piece as if reminiscing this meditative beginning.

《夜詩 II》是為大提琴、笛子、高音笙、琵琶與古箏而作,寫於 二○○二年一月至三月。樂曲是引發自文人彈奏古琴的平靜心 境。一段大提琴與不同中國樂器的對答開展了樂曲的散板部分, 而樂曲的尾聲猶如回憶起這個沉思的開端。