Night Poem《夜詩》


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Night Poem《夜詩》 (cello and piano)
Instrumentation: cello and piano
Year Composed: 2001
Year of Premiere: 2001.03.08
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Wolfgang Nüßlein (cello) and Mary Wu (piano)
Duration: 9′

Programme Notes

The title Night Poem reflects a poetic content of music, it is not related to the same title of poem by Li Po. The piece is full of restless thoughts, perhaps it is more rhapsodic than the title might suggest. It was premièred in the Contemporary Music Exchange Concert jointly held by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Tokyo National University of Arts and Music in 2001, with cellist Wolfgang Nüßlein and Dr. Mary Wu playing.

說是《夜詩》,是因為樂曲富有詩意,與李白的《夜詩》沒有關係。樂曲思潮起伏,或許是夜闌人靜時的狂想。作品在二○○一年香港中文大學與東京藝術大學的交流音樂會中由Wolfgang Nüßlein及吳美樂博士首演。