Message from Space《太空信息》


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Message from Space《太空信息》(yangqin, pipa and zheng)
Instrumentation: yangqin, pipa and zheng
Year Composed: 2011
Year of Premiere: 2011.10.09
Premiere Country: Hong Kong

Programme Notes

「太空」一直給人類神秘感覺,儘管人類不斷努力研究和探索外太空有關的領域, 收集天體的各種信息,宇宙中很多奥秘仍未解開。《太空信息》是為三件形制和演 奏方法各有不同的彈撥樂器—琵琶、古箏及揚琴—而寫,裡面亦蘊藏著同樣的神 秘與奧妙。此作品於 2011 年由凝音樂坊委約,費用由「CASH 音樂基金」贊助。

“Outer Space” always gives people a sense of mystery. Despite human keep working hard on astronomy, gathering all sorts of information, many unknown about our universe are still waiting to be revealed and explored. “Message from Space” is written for Pipa, Zheng and Yangqin – three different kinds of plucked strings in terms of the construction and the playing techniques. It also depicts the same kind of the mysteries and secrets. This work is commissioned by Music-Joint Association in 2011 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.