Jubilate Deo

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Composer: 趙伯承 Patrick CHIU
Work Title: Jubilate Deo
Text / Lyrics: herrchiu, traditional lyrics (English)
Solo Instruments: female vocal, vocal percussionist (both on microphone)
Instrumentation: Chorus: 2 versions: SSA, divisi (2008) and SSAB, divisi (2010)
Instrumentation: piano accompaniment
Year Composed: 2008
Year of Premiere: 2008.07.13
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Composed for The Hong Kong Children’s Choir for its 2008 Summer Tour to Russia.
Duration: 5′
Remarks: Difficulty: medium hard (suitable for 15 years old or above)


Programme Notes

Written in 2008 for the Russian tour of the Hong Kong Children’s Choir and revised in 2010 for mixed voices, Jubilate Deo is a song with jazz and gospel elements. A special feature is the use of vocal percussion. The female vocal and piano have beautiful solo passages in the middle slow section. The piece ends with a powerful “Hallelujah.”

寫於2008年,此曲為香港兒童合唱團的俄羅斯巡演而創作 (後於2010年為該團青年組改編為混聲版本),當中最有趣是運用了人聲敲擊,特顯頌歌歡快的感覺。音樂包含爵士及福音(Gospel)風格,適合高小初中或以上的合唱團。結構呈ABA三段式,其中B段有動聽的鋼琴及女聲獨奏/唱。樂曲於歡樂的Hallelujah中結束。