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Composer: 伍卓賢 NG Cheuk-yin
Work Title: Jazzture (for clarinet and piano)
Subtitle: 《爵士樂感》Four impromptus for clarinet and piano
Original Composer: NG Cheuk-yin
Instrumentation: clarinet and piano
Year Composed: 2010-2011
Year of Premiere: 2011.02.11
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 10’00”
Audio Description: Jazzture No.1

Programme Notes

These four pieces were originally written for a re-arranging project of Charlie Chaplin’s silent film with a string quartet in 2010, then later rearranged into a duet version for clarinet and piano. These pieces were composed by improvising on the piano while watching Chaplin’s film, capturing the gesture and touch of Jazz music; focusing on actor’s facial expression; imitating actor’s movements and emotions through musical colors. After all, I tidied up my musical ideas into string quartet then blend it into the film. Therefore during the composing process, I actually started with piano.


這四首樂曲基本上是即興創作而成。我一邊看著差利的電影, 一邊彈奏鋼琴, 以爵士樂的動態和觸感為主線, 用音樂模仿演員的動態和神韻, 然後再把我彈奏的片段整理成為弦樂四重奏作品, 配合在影片中。所以其實在創作的過程中, 反而是先以鋼琴著手。