Happy Dream 《快樂夢想》


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Composer: 陳錦標 Joshua CHAN
Work Title: Happy Dream《快樂夢想》
Year Composed: 2010
Year of Premiere: 2011.2.12
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir
Duration: 3’30”

Programme Notes

廣東話二部童聲合唱曲《快樂夢想》是由國際學校音樂協會於2010年委約創作,並於2011 年2 月12日由AMIS亞洲初中傑出女生合唱團在香港國際學校首演。樂曲的音域介乎高音譜下加一線的降B與上方第一線的F之間, 適合10 至14 歲童聲合唱團採用。歌詞勵志,激發少年人增強能力與信心,並以「增高」及「飛往太空」來表達演唱者樂觀面對挑戰及努力積極向上的志願。

Commissioned by the Association for Music in International Schools in 2010, Happy Dream was premiered by the AMIS Asian Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir in Hong Kong International School on 12th February 2011. The pitch range
is between B flat below middle C to F on treble clef’s first line (suitable for children of 10 to 14 years old). Encouraging young people to be strong and confident in themselves, the Cantonese lyrics talk about positive attitudes to
future. The subjects of ‘growing taller’ and ‘flying to the Space’ represent the singers’ wish to reach new height and face the challenges ahead with open mind.