Flame (wind band)


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黃學揚 Alfred WONG : Flame (wind band)

Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: Flame (wind band)
Instrumentation: wind band
Year Composed: 2006
Year of Premiere: 2007.03.02
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia / Victor Tam
Duration: 8′

Programme Notes

The music depicts diverse colors and different states of flame – dim as well as bright, warm as well as hot, static as well as vigorous. First we can hear the “flame motif” sustained at the middle register. The flame becomes shine and animated gradually, and arrives to a majestic passage in the middle of the piece. After a passage of galloping winds against the weighty motif underneath, the music ends brilliantly with the flame motif clustering at the top, as if the flame will never be extinguished. This piece is originally written for organ solo in 2001.




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