Autumn Night 《秋夕》


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Composer: 陳錦標 Joshua CHAN
Work Title: Autumn Night《秋夕》
Year Composed: 2015
Year of Premiere: 2016.1.3
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Hong Kong Children’s Choir
Duration: 2’50”

Programme Notes






Du Mu’s 7-word quatrain Autumn Night (see below) is about the lonely life of a palace maid. On the evening of seventh of lunar seventh month (Chinese Valentine’s Day), she gazes on Altair and Vega in the night sky to witness them meeting in the guise of Cowherd and Weaving maid. From time to time, to assuage her sadness, she uses a silk fan to flap away the fireflies. Written for SSAA and sung in Cantonese, this piece cites the complete poem twice in 2 different keys. The final phrase of the poem is further repeated and expanded at the end. In keeping with the mood of the poem, the music places particular emphasis on minor and seventh chords.

By the cold painted screens, silver candles thicker in the autumn moonlight
With a small silk fan, a young maid chases round flapping the fireflies in flight
On the royal terrace the colour of the night looks as cool as water
She sits there all alone watching the stars of the Cowherd and the Weaver