An Illusive Dream《黃粱一夢》(for Chinese Orchestra)


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: An Illusive Dream《黃粱一夢》(for Chinese orchestra)
Instrumentation: Chinese orchestra
Year Composed: 2012
Year of Premiere: 2012.07.28&29
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

音樂劇場《八仙過海》及《八仙過海前傳》是香港中樂團聯同香港話劇團分別於2010 年12月及2012年7月製作,故事除了講述家喻戶曉的民間傳說外,還訴說他們得道 成仙前的各種考驗。 「黃粱一夢」乃音樂劇場《八仙過海前傳》第八場中的音樂。作者用了「海之歌」 中段的主題加以變奏,帶領觀眾一枕黃粱夢,經歷人生的大起大跌—由狂喜的華爾 滋(Waltz)舞步竟然將大家拋進深淵,變成了死亡之舞(Danse macabre),盡享 榮華富貴卻又落難收場,將一切化為泡影!人生如夢,夢如人生。此曲獲中國民族 管弦樂學會主辦的第四屆民族管弦樂(青少年題材)新作品徵集銅獎。

The music theatres The Eight Immortals’ Adventures and The Eight Immortals’ Adventures Prequel, produced by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre in December 2010 and July 2012 respectively, tell about the popular Chinese folklore on the eight immortals as well as their challenges before becoming immortals.
“An Illusive Dream” is the music of scene eight from The Eight Immortals’ Adventures Prequel. It is actually a variation on the structural notes of the main theme of the “Song of the Sea”. In order to bring the audience into the wildness of dream, going through many vicissitudes in life from rag to riches and back to rag again, the piece is written in the style of waltz and then suddenly changed to a Danse macabre. It was awarded Bronze in the ‘Xinyi Cup’ – Chinese orchestral compositions on the youth subject, granted by the China Nationalities Orchestra Society in 2014.