A Spring Morning《春曉》


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: A Spring Morning《春曉》 (woodwind quintet)
Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn
Year Composed: 2000
Year of Premiere: 2001.05.31
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: Members of Les Six
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

Woodwind quintet “A Spring Morning” was composed in 2000. It portrays the arrival of spring with awakening of life and at the same time full of vitality. “I awake light-hearted this morning of spring, everywhere round me the singing of birds,” quoted from a Tang poem with the same title, written by famous Chinese poet Meng Haoran (689-740). It is perhaps the best to represent the image of the music.