A Little Waltz


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Composer: 黃學揚 Alfred WONG
Work Title: A Little Waltz (piano trio)
Instrumentation: Piano Trio
Year Composed: 2007
Year of Premiere: 2007.04.29
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 5.5′

Programme Notes

Waltz originates from Austrian and German peasant dances such as Ländler and German Dance. Apart from the Johann Strauss family, Romantic composers contribute in writing legacy Waltzes, reaching its artistic heights in Maurice Ravel’s La Valse. A Little Waltz is a modernized waltz in light favor. The frequently changing keys and meters brings the dancers into ecstasy of cheers and getting lost in it.

華爾滋(Waltz),又稱圓舞曲,是源於奧地利和德國鄉間三拍子的「蘭德勒舞曲」和「德國舞曲」。除了「圓舞曲之王」小約翰.史特勞斯及其父的作品外,有不少浪漫派作曲家譜寫了經典的華爾滋圓舞曲,而法國作曲家拉威爾的交響詩「圓舞曲」(“La Valse”)更將華爾滋推至極致。”A Little Waltz”是一首具現代感的輕快華爾滋,並嘗試將不隱定調性與拍子轉換等元素灌入華爾滋中,令舞蹈者漸漸迷失在這個歡樂的舞蹈之中。