A Cat’s Rêverie《貓之沉想曲》


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Composer: 趙伯承 Patrick CHIU
Work Title: A Cat’s Rêverie《貓之沉想曲》
Text / Lyrics: You See Hand 游思行
Year Composed: 2010
Year of Premiere: 2011
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Premiere Information: by Diocesan Girls’ Junior School Choir
Duration: 6′

Programme Notes

此曲創作於2010年,由Mrs. Yvette Ho 委約創作給拔萃女小學合唱團,歌詞由游思行小姐創作。

Written in 2010,  A Cat’s Rêverie was commissioned by Mrs Yvette Ho for Mrs. Christina Chiang and Diocesan Girls’ Junior School Choir.  Lyrics is written by You See-hand.