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離思 Thoughts of Separation (for SATB chorus)


Also available for SSAA chorus

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Composer: 梁智軒 LEUNG Chi-hin
Work Title: 離思 Thoughts of Separation
Text / Lyrics: 元稹
Year Composed: 2015
Premiere Country: Hong Kong
Duration: 3’20


Programme Notes

作品用上富有表現力的和聲,以描繪詩人對亡妻深摯的懷念和至死不渝的情感。作曲家運用了兩種手法來帶出思念之情。首兩句詩的旋律均刻意避開主音,讓音樂自己散發出掛念的感覺。作曲家亦為最後一句詩詞配上非傳統的不完全終止式,加強了心中不盡的哀思 。

The use of expressive harmonies depicts the poet’s memory of his deceased wife and unfailing longing emotion. The composer applied two approaches to bring out the thoughts of love and longing. The first two lines of the melody are deliberately avoided the tonic note in which the music itself exudes the missing feeling. The last sentence of the poem is accompanied by an imperfect unconventional cadence that strengthen the hearts of endless grief.

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